High value residential properties and heritage sites

When it comes to protecting high value residential properties the Redvision pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera scores on all fronts. Its aesthetically pleasing design combined with state of the art discrete night-time illumination has made Redvision’s X-Series™ the camera of choice for many private residential properties including heritage stately homes and castles.

Aesthetic Appeal

Appealing to architects and designers the X-Series™ ball camera is small and compact measuring only 15cms in diameter. The camera is made from die-cast aluminum and is vandal resistant. Whilst available in standard colours light grey or heritage black the camera and associated bracket can be painted in any RAL colour (Colours can be viewed here) ensuring it blends into the surroundings.

The camera’s modular design with ball PTZ or dome build options, gives installation flexibility including pedestal, swan, wall and soffit board options.

Other functions include programmable privacy zones for masking windows and other restricted areas and wiper for adverse weather. The X-SERIES™ cameras provide 24 hour surveillance using unobtrusive and cost-effective IR lighting. This eliminates the need for expensive night-time lighting and keeps disturbance to residents to a minimum. 

Integrated Wireless Sensors Activate Camera

Redvision’s range of wireless detectors can be deployed effortlessly without the constraints of mains power and associated cabling. Once deployed the detectors are able to sense movement and trigger the Redvision camera to move towards the detection area, and if required automatically switch on the overt white light illuminator option which can deter potential intruders and diffuse criminal activity.

Custom Built Systems

The Redvision cameras have been designed to integrate within a wider bespoke integrated security systems which can be linked up with remote or local video monitoring.

Redvision cameras have been deployed in a variety of custom built security systems including:

  • Event driven BS8418, CCTV systems
  • Networked based IP solutions
  • Remote Monitoring Centre
  • Video based detection systems
  • Integrated access and gate automation systems

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