Nigerian off-shore oil rig install Redvision Marine PTZs

The Advanced Marine Protection (Marine-X) from Redvision was developed specifically for an application requiring multiple cameras to be deployed on a Nigerian off-shore  oil rig. The challenging weather conditions ranged from extreme heat to gale force, driving sea storms. The physical requirements of the camera were hugely challenging, above all, the key requirement was reliability and endurance in a salt water environment.

High performance Marine finish

The Extra Marine finish X-SERIES™ and accessories have a corrosion resistant hard anodize plated finish. All steel accessories are treated with bright zinc protective finish. Stage one: the raw die-cast housing is treated with  a protective barrier primer designed to give enhanced corrosion resistance of aluminium and mild steel. Stage two: Dual paint (undercoat & top coat) from  Interpon™ is applied. Interpon™ gloss finish is an ultra durable gloss coating conforming to EN 12206 & EN 13438 (High Durability Systems). 

The Extra Marine X-SERIES™ is white to reflect sunlight (other colours available). The combination of using ultra durable white paint finish and the dome top cover, which acts as a sunshield, helps to reduce extremes of temperature in direct sunlight. Conversely, if using the dome cover this also provides a level of insulation in cold environments and additional protection to the mechanism in marine applications. All pan, tilt and wiper mechanisms are made from marine-grade stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance, toughness and durability. 

Marine-X PTZ and dome cameras  have also  been deployed in coastal town centres, sea ports, marinas and shipping vessels both in the UK and overseas.

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