Redvision and RAW Fire & Security Provide Enhanced CCTV Solution for Cribbs Mall

Cribbs Mall

Deemed the Heart of Bristol Shopping, Cribbs Mall boasts over 150 stores situated across two levels open to the public seven days a week. Easily accessible from the M5, Cribbs Mall provides an ideal shopping location for locals and travellers alike.

Alongside the wide variety of stores and fantastic location, Cribbs Mall prides itself on providing a safe and secure environment for all its visitors. This includes the use of technologies, such as CCTV security systems, which are in place to enhance the security measures on site. This case study is to explore the recent CCTV security system upgrade at Cribbs Mall, which now provides a state-of-the-art solution.

RAW Fire & Security

RAW Fire & Security, systems integrator for Cribbs Mall, boasts a team benefiting an excess of 100 years’ experience. Developed around a group of skilled technicians who are specialists in Fire & Security systems and adept with all stages from design and install, through to commission and maintenance.

The Cribbs Mall team were looking to invest in an upgraded CCTV solution to further enhance their focus on safety and security. It was crucial this new CCTV solution be capable of integrating legacy CCTV cameras on site, providing a user-friendly graphic user interface for control room staff and have the capability to expand; both with additional cameras, third party system integrations and the latest in available technologies. For these reasons, RAW Fire & Security, an experienced integrator of Redvision CCTV solutions, proposed the VMS1000 video management system, powered by Digifort, alongside Redvision’s range of high-quality IP PTZ and static cameras.

Total CCTV systems

Building on its reputation as the leading provider of rugged CCTV solutions, the Redvision product portfolio includes the powerful and impressive VMS1000 Video Management System, powered by market leading Digifort.

Redvision Managing Director Paul Hucker explains how Redvision has developed to become a provider of total CCTV systems.

“We are delighted to offer a wide range of products to complement our industry leading X-SERIES and VEGA fixed rugged cameras in response to customer requests to provide complete CCTV systems.”

“Our Knight-Stor Network Video Recorders and Redvision cameras offer attractive solutions for commercial applications up to 32 cameras and the VMS1000 Video Management System is being used in a number of Professional and Enterprise high-security applications.”

“The rugged X-SERIES and VEGA cameras are well established in commercial and Government applications, and we are excited to support our customers with integrated recording and management platforms to provide total CCTV systems.”

Positive Customer Feedback

Kevin Oakley, RAW Fire & Security, explained “we have received fantastic feedback from Cribbs Mall with reference the upgraded CCTV system, from operator through to management. The VMS1000 system operates seamlessly with an easy-to-use GUI and enhanced functionality, including intelligent analytics. Its complete integration with hundreds of third-party camera suppliers meant legacy CCTV cameras on site were flawlessly handed over to the new platform. Moreover, as the system continues to evolve, the possibility for access control and building management integrations, as well as adding further analytics modules, ensures a future proof solution.”

Alongside a full control room and VMS1000 recording server upgrade, RAW Fire & Security have installed new X4 Commander rugged PTZ cameras, rugged VEGA cameras and Knight Series static IP cameras to enhance the system. Kevin continued “not only have we received glowing feedback on the recording system, new camera installs from Redvision have been praised for their superb picture quality and rugged design.”

An effective solution for Cribbs Mall

The VMS1000 Digifort Video Management System from Redvision provides Cribbs Mall with a future-proof, open-platform, integrated recording platform that is easy to operate and rich in functionality. Combined with the superb image quality gained from the Knight Series, VEGA and X4 Commander cameras, results in a total CCTV system ideally suited to the Cribbs Mall’s requirements.

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