Redvision CCTV, Harper Chalice and Cortech Developments offer a Complete Surveillance Solution for High Security Custodial Applications

The HM Prisons Service
Across England and Wales, there are over 115 Prisons providing detention facilities for approximately 87,500 people. Perimeter protection and internal security for these critical sites poses major challenges: to detect escape attempts, contraband smuggled in and out of the site through various means of increasing complexity, whilst ensuring the highest safety and security of prisoners and security officers alike. Any video surveillance and security systems need to meet stringent requirements and must be demonstrated to operate 24/7/365, with maintenance and engineering intervention kept to an absolute minimum.

Integration of Three Leading UK Suppliers Provide Robust Solution
British manufacturers, Redvision CCTV, Harper Chalice and Cortech Developments have supplied a proven, certified, integrated solution ideally suited for high security custodial, prison and secure facility applications.

The integration of the advanced technologies provided by these three leading UK suppliers has resulted in a robust security system. This includes durable and high-quality CCTV cameras, perimeter intrusion detection mounted on fences, and an advanced video management and analytics system designed for enterprise-level use. These components seamlessly merge into a unified and centrally manageable operation.

Harper Chalice
Harper Chalice is a British manufacturer of perimeter detection systems, including microphonic fence detection (PIDS), electric fences, infrared barriers, and secure hatch protection. With over 25 years’ experience, they are securing CNI sites across the UK and abroad and has recently joined Vitaprotech group, a major European company in the security market.

Redvision CCTV
Redvision has a unique heritage in CCTV manufacturing and the Redvision brand is synonymous with rugged CCTV solutions for tough locations. Building on its reputation as a leading provider of rugged CCTV solutions, the Redvision product portfolio has developed to include the powerful and impressive VMS1000 Video Management System, powered by Digifort, which combined with Redvision IP cameras provides integrators with a complete, enterprise level CCTV system.

Cortech Developments
UK software manufacturer Cortech Developments has been providing solutions since 1992 with 5 major generations of software and is a leading industry specialist in risk mitigation providing integrated software solutions for building, fire, and security systems. Cortech’s solutions are deployed in many of the most mission critical environments in over 30 countries including key sectors such as Defence, Prisons & Custodial, Utilities, and many more. Committed to demonstrating their technical knowledge, expertise and high quality, robust procedures, Cortech are annually successfully audited against certifications such ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and UK Cyber Essentials as well recently being certified as Carbon Neutral.

The Complete Surveillance Solution
To meet such demanding requirements, the integrated technologies offer a complete surveillance monitoring, detection, control,recording and playback solution.

Physical fence line security can be layered for maximum resilience, utilising Harper Chalice’s FenceSecure PID System, a NOMS approved fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection system, and Redvision CCTV cameras, including the rugged X-Series PTZ range a VEGA-2060 series with ultra-low-light sensor technology.

The surveillance cameras record to the VMS1000 system, powered by market leading Digifort technology, allowing operators complete control over PTZ, wiper and lighting functions; all at the touch of a button. The clear layout of the VMS1000 client interface makes camera control and personnel tracking smooth and easy.

Redvision VMS1000 and Harper Chalice SecureBus Integration with Cortech Developments Datalog
Stephen Lightfoot, Technical Director for Redvision CCTV, explains “the seamless integration between Redvision VMS1000 video management system and Cortech Datalog MV comprehensive CCTV management system has been fundamental in underpinning the successful installation into high security custodial applications. Designing and developing a resilient, high-security system requires a state-of-the-art monitoring system, which has superb control over ruggedised, vandal proof CCTV cameras.”

Adam O’Reilly, Managing Director for Harper Chalice, added “SecureBus is a security communications network developed by Harper Chalice to manage multiple security devices across a site and monitor alarm sensors. Fully integrated with Cortech Datalog and designed with security in mind, the network provides robust communications with fault detection and tolerance.”

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales at Cortech Developments, concluded “The integration between the three products enables operability at a high level for a vast array of features and functions, creating an exciting list of possibilities. By working in partnership with other leading UK manufactures, we have provided the end user with a fully integrated system software solution, that allows for operators to obtain greater visibility and situational awareness, while allowing them to respond to alarms, events, or alerts triggered in a more efficient and timely manner.”

A Resilient System Designed for High Security Applications
The combined and complete solution from Redvision CCTV, Harper Chalice and Cortech Developments provides the high-quality, ruggedised static and PTZ cameras required to deliver stunning recorded images in a tough location; a reliable, resilient, and efficient monitoring system and a state-of-the-art, fully certified microphonic fence detection. All of which is fully integrated into one central manageable operation.

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