Redvision CCTV Provide Robust 4G and 5G Solution for UK Councils

Since launching its rugged CCTV Hub, Redvision CCTV have supplied numerous UK councils with the 4G & 5G re-deployable camera station. Public space surveillance poses many challenges, and the requirement for re-deployable cameras to be utilised within short-to-medium term hotspots of activity is increasing. For example, the CCTV Hub is often utilised to enhance safety at local festivals, tackle fly-tipping problems or enforce illegal parking activity. This case study focusses on another challenge within Public Space CCTV, whereby some essential locations lack network infrastructure to add additional coverage.

In this example, the current CCTV solution consists of a Synergy 3 video management system, connected to public space CCTV cameras including the rugged Redvision X2 Combat PTZ camera. Due to site complexity, some locations requiring CCTV surveillance had no direct line-of-site, therefore point-to-point wireless solutions could not be utilised, and an alternative cellular solution was explored. The solution requirement was to be rugged and built to thrive in public space environments, while also being fully integrated with the front-end video management system.

Redvision 4G / 5G CCTV Hub

Redvision has a unique heritage in CCTV manufacturing and the brand is synonymous with rugged CCTV solutions for tough locations. Redvision has introduced its CCTV HUB; a rugged, re-deployable 4G / 5G camera station designed to provide complete flexibility for wireless camera installations into the public space environment. The CCTV Hub has a fixed public IP option, utilising either 4G or 5G connectivity, which connects directly into a third-party VMS platform; in this case, Synergy 3. Installed alongside the X2 Combat PTZ camera, the Hub provides a rugged, stylish enclosure managing the connectivity between CCTV camera and VMS video wall, with no discernible differences for the operator.

State of the Art Solution

Glenn Waterfall, Redvision CCTV Sales Director commented “the combination of our CCTV Hub and X2 Combat PTZ camera provides the ideal solution for many UK Councils. Making use of the fixed public IP data package, which also benefits from unlimited data to ensure no unwanted overuse charges, allows these difficult to access locations to be fully covered with high-quality CCTV that is seamlessly integrated into the wider solution.”

Moreover, by utilising the edge-recording capability within Redvision’s X2 Combat PTZ cameras, any footage lost to a network outage will be automatically recovered from the camera.”

An Effective Solution for UK Councils

The CCTV Hub provides the ideal solution for installing CCTV into remote public space locations lacking network coverage. Its unlimited fixed IP data connection enables users to seamlessly integrate new CCTV cameras into existing video management platforms, whilst its rugged exterior is designed to thrive in public space conditions. Finally, the edge-recording capability of Redvision’s X-Series PTZ camera range ensures no recorded footage is lost even in a network outage.

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