Town Centres - Record growth for Redvision rugged PTZs

Redvision has seen major growth within public space systems including town centres and local authority applications throughout the UK. Installations range from town/city centres, schools, waste transfer stations and parks through to bus lanes and heritage sites.

Versatile – Kill the Street Lights not the Picture Redvision infrared and white light cameras can be deployed without dependence on street illumination, the ideal solution for  areas where street lights are turned ‘off’ between certain hours of operation to save energy and running costs. The camera's inbuilt illuminators provide powerful infrared (IR) and white light, ‘super-efficient’ LED technology. The IR light option allows covert unobtrusive night-time surveillance. 

Deter Crime Before it Happens The camera with white light option, provides a strong visual deterrent by shining a ‘spot light’ on suspicious intruders. Both light types have a night-time illumination range of 100m+ and the colour option gives facial recognition at 40m in zero light.

Mobile Vehicle Mount Community Safety and antisocial behaviour units have deployed Redvision's rugged mobile DUAL light PTZ cameras on vehicles which have been successfully used to monitor a variety of hotspots identified by police, community Support Officers & Environmental Enforcement Officers.

Operators can Toggle Between White Light and IR The X-SERIES™ PTZ Dual Light will switch between IR & white light modes within the same camera, producing optimal images in almost any lighting conditions and has settings for day, night and weekend operation. 'Dark' zones which operate like privacy, can also be applied to avoid glare and disturbance to residents.

Bespoke Colour Options The X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome cameras are available in any of the range of RAL colours, ensuring they are unobtrusive and blend into any type of installation. Forest green units are used in parks and architects and conservationists are able to select colours appropriate for new and historical buildings to enhance visual presentation and aesthetic appeal.

Marine finish options for coastal towns

A corrosion-resistant marine finish is available for coastal locations and there is a full range of brackets and mounts available which enable X-SERIES™ cameras to be set up in a dome or tower upright mount configuration for all round mounting  flexibility for different street columns or buildings. In tower mount mode the camera arms can be cantilevered forward 15 degrees to allow the camera to see beyond the tower base and eliminate blind spots.

Environmentally Sound

Redvision LED lighting modules only draw 48W and  last in excess of 6 years, which reduces maintenance visits and significantly reduces running costs and the total cost of ownership.

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