Videcom installs Redvision, rugged PTZ cameras at British Steel, Scunthorpe.

Redvision rugged CCTV cameras are helping to protect and manage the British Steel site, Scunthorpe. Specialist security integrator, Videcom Ltd., designed, supplied and installed the surveillance system. It comprised Redvision RV30 Rugged IP, PTZ cameras; a Luxriot EVO Global Enterprise recording system running on a Videcom Xeon Server; and Dahua bullet cameras. The network infrastructure used includes Silvernet wireless transmission, reducing the need for expensive civil works during installation, alongside traditional CAT 5, copper cables.

British Steel, Scunthorpe, is a major local employer of over 4000 people. It makes 2.8 million tonnes of steel each year, which it manufactures as sections, profiles, rods, wires and railway tracks, for markets all over the world. Although the British Steel brand has operated since the 19th century, the current British Steel was formed in 2016 when Greybull Capital bought Long Products Europe from Tata Steel, formerly known as Corus.

The Scunthorpe site has vast array of steel manufacturing and processing plants, including a number of hazardous areas requiring special protection and 24/7 coverage.

John Crowston, British Steel Security & Fire Prevention Manager, said, “The installation of the system, along with the new control room itself, was all meticulously planned and executed by Videcom, as the site was in full production throughout the process.

“The system itself is very user-friendly. Once an operator spends time using the system, they quickly build up a working knowledge of functionality, such as retrieving, reviewing and exporting recordings and event data. Three of the four operators using the system had no prior CCTV system experience. However, they have become totally proficient with the system, aiding other areas of the business with the provision of video information and data, such as the asset protection team, health and safety and site managers.”

Danny Harsley, Northern Projects Manager for Videcom, explained, “Videcom provided British Steel with a leading edge, reliable and easy to use surveillance system, with high reliability and low cost of ownership. Videcom has used Redvision X-SERIES rugged PTZ cameras on many occasions, because they are reliable, easy to install and simple to configure. We have seen great longevity with the cameras across many of our other installations and Redvision’s UK-based service and repair provision is highly responsive, should any problem occur.

“We used IR versions of the X-SERIES cameras, for night-time operation. We have included white-light on perimeter cameras, to point at and highlight intruders, warning them off-site. We have also used the wiper option, to ensure the camera’s optical, glass window, and hence the camera’s field of view, are kept clear and not compromised by dirt or rain.

“Redvision cameras are extremely rugged. They are finished with a marine-grade plating and tough, powder-coated paint. They are IP67 weather-proof rated as well as shock and vandal resistant. This makes them ideal for the tough, hazardous environment of the steel works.”

John Crowston concluded, “We're proud of British Steel’s history and heritage. Not many companies can claim to have generations of families dedicating their working lives to one company and one industry. Our steel has been fundamental in creating iconic, awe inspiring structures around the world - structures that take your breath away. Our steel has helped people travel, eat, and enjoy themselves!

“I feel that Videcom was approachable and the staff offered the best possible advice, including with camera positioning. They kept us informed from the initial site survey through to the installation and commissioning of the system and the training of our staff.

“Times are changing in the steel industry. British Steel, Scunthorpe is at the forefront of technology in the sector. We have a streamlined organisation, efficient processes and a more responsive approach to production. We require state-of-the-art support systems, like the Videcom CCTV scheme, to help protect and manage our facility as we evolve as a world-class, UK manufacturer.”

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