Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can Wiper Blade be easily replaced?

Can a Wiper Blade be Replaced by Installer?

Yes, although the wiper blade is made from silicone and will likely last for the lifetime of the product, more than 10 years


2. Analogue Protocols

What telemetry protocols can the X-Series PTZ /Dome use?

The X-Series accepts the following protocols:

RS485: Pelco P, Pelco D, Vista, Bosch, Forward Vision, Dennard
Coax: Building Block Video (BBV)

What other controllers can control the X-Series PTZ /Dome?

As long as the control system has ether: Pelco P, Pelco D, Dennard, Vista, Bosch, BBV 422 or BBV up the coax protocols, there is usually a solution through 3rd party converters/interfaces. Contact your sales support + 44 (0) 1420 448 448 for details.


3. Analogue Coaxial Telemetry

Can you run BBV Coax protocols down NVT and twisted pair?

Yes, you can send coax protocols down NVT as long as it is passive (not powered), 200m distance can be achieved if using the correct cable type (solid copper core).

Can you run BBV coax over fibre?

Yes, up to 1 mile. Fibre Op 739 or IFS 1505 or Infinover.

What is the video output from the X-Series PTZ /Dome?

Video output - 1.0V peak-to-peak composite, negative synch. This can be adjusted in the camera settings menu by adjusting the Lift and Gain, use a VLM.


4. IP Compatibility

What platform are the Redvision IP cameras compatible with?

The cameras are officially ONVIF Profile S compliant and certified

For more information, contact Tech Support on: +44 (0) 1420 448448

Which VMS Platforms do the cameras work with?

The Redvision cameras work well with a wide range of VMS platforms and hardware NVRs, either via the ONVIF interface; or via direct SDK integration.

Please see our IP Compatibility page for more details.


5. Infra-Red & Dual IR + White Light Options

What is the minimum illumination of the X-Series IR PTZ Dome with inbuilt IR?

RVX-IR and RVX-IRWL versions: With inbuilt infrared and white light LED's: no minimum.

NON IR version: (the RVX non IR version has a day/night module onboard).
Lux levels as follows:
20x 0.20 LUX
30x 0.25 LUX

What is the White Light distance?

20x and 30x 1/3" = up to 120m

Full colour 'facial' identification at 30m to 50m

What is the life span of the IR LEDs?

Under normal conditions we would expect 50,000 hours.

Are IR/ White-Light combinations available with the IP Cameras?

Yes, the cameras are available as IR or IR + White Light variants.

What is the Infra-Red distance?

20x and 30x 1/3" = up to 150m

Is there an invisible 940nm LED option?

Yes. NB: achievable viewing distance is halved if using 940nm LEDs.

Can the LED PODs be changed in the field?

As a company, we would always recommend sending back for any repairs


6. Paint Finishes and Special Colours

What colour options are available for the X-Series IP and analogue standard, IR & Dual light PTZ and Dome cameras?

Available as standard: Light Grey RAL7035 & Black RAL9005

To special order: Any RAL colour see

Call sales: + 44 (0) 1420 448 448

Marine Finish

Dual Paint technology from Interpon is applied to the protected metalwork. Stage one is a protective barrier primer designed to give enhanced corrosion resistance of aluminium and mild steel. Interpon Gloss finish is an ultra durable gloss coating conforming to the requirements of EN 12206 and EN 13438 (High Durability systems).

Surface treatment of anodise for aluminium and zinc plate for steel on all external components.


7. Leads

Can I buy a longer lead for the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ Domes?

As standard, the brackets come with the following lead lengths:

  • RV-PED/ RVIP-PED - 10m
  • RV-SWAN/ RVIP-SWAN - 10m

For longer than standard:

Call sales: + 44 (0) 1420 448 448
Email us

Can I shorten the lead?

Yes. The power is regulated so shortening the lead will not affect the camera performance.


8. Analogue and IP Dome Functionality

How many privacy patches does the X-Series PTZ/ Dome have?

20x and 30x: There are 24 programmable privacy zones.

720p and 1080p: Up to 24 privacy masks are available.

How many tours can the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ/ Dome have?

Up to 8 tours can be stored compromising of the 100 presets. The default tour number is 1 but this can be changed when used with the user time out function

Is it possible to switch off the clock and date function in the X-Series Analogue and IP Dome?

The clock and date function is off as default, but can be accessed to be enabled in the menu

What is the minimum and maximum operating temperature of the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ/ Dome?

-25°C to +60°C (NB: Black +50°)

How many preset positions can the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ/Dome store?

The X-Series PTZ/dome can store up to 100 stored positions. The default preset is preset number 1, but this can be changed when used with the user time out function.

Is it possible to turn off the alarms to the Analogue and IP PTZ /Dome menu?

You can disable the alarm to the X-Series PTZ/Dome (if using the Redvision alarm module card) in the dome menu.

Can the maximum/ minimum X-Series PTZ/ Dome speed be adjusted?

The dome speed, tour speed and go to preset speed can be adjusted in the Presets and Tours menu

How are the camera profiles set?

Both the IP and analogue cameras have full dynamic Camera Profile set-up. This allows a user to define unique settings, for cameras between Daytime and Night time operation. These profiles can be selected on demand, or automatically triggered via light level setting. At low light level the user can define the camera stay in colour (optionally with white light) or switch to mono with IR. Toggling between camera profiles can be easily activated via the operator in real time.

Camera profiles control white balance, aperture correction, exposure compensation, frame integration etc.


9. Bracket Questions

Is a bracket supplied as standard with the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ/ Dome?

No. Brackets are ordered as separate items. To see mounting options, see table in question 7.

Is there a corner mount adapter available?

Yes. There are two types:

  1. Standard RV-CNR for RV-WALL

Do the IP cameras use the same mounting system as the analogue models?

Yes, all Redvision mounts and brackets can be used for IP cameras

Is there a pole clamp adapter?

Yes, it can be clamped to poles between 60mm–90mm. An RV-WALL/ RVIP-WALL bracket interfaces with the RV-POLE/ RVIP-POLE.

Can you make bespoke brackets for the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ/ Dome?

Yes. Call +44 (0) 1420 448 448 with your application. WEC and ALTRON also make off the shelf specialist brackets which interface with Redvision brackets.


10. Visor

Is there a VISOR option for the X-Series IP and Analogue PTZ dome?

There is a VISOR option available which is supplied with a bird spike as standard (RV-VISOR).

VISOR protects against:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sun

Also, effective anti seagull and pigeon protection.


11. Vandal Resistance

Is the X-Series IP & Analogue PTZ/ Dome range vandal resistant?

Yes. All versions are vandal resistant. The rugged camera housing is made from die-cast aluminium.


12. IP Cameras

What is the maximum resolution and frame rate the cameras can produce?

Model-dependent; the cameras can produce either 1920x1080p @ 30fps or 1280x720p @ 30fps as standard; there is also a high-frame rate mode for 50 or 60fps applications.

Is the camera low-latency?

Yes, typical latency is <200ms @ 1080p 25fps H.264

Can the IP cameras work with Alarms?

Yes; wired and wireless alarm PSU options are available

Standard Part Code = RVIP-PSU

Wired Part Code = RVIP-PSU-ALM16

Wireless Part Code = RVIP-PSU-ALM16-W

What is the maximum number of streams the camera can output?

The camera can output up to 3 streams simultaneously; with various combinations of MPEG-4; H.264 and JPEG available.

Do the cameras use a standard network interface?

Yes, the RVIP-PSU models use standard RJ-45 10/100BASE-T Ethernet socket

What is the maximum distance for the Ethernet cable from the Redvision PSU?

50m when using a standard (Non-Alarm) PSU; 100m when using an Alarm PSU