Redvision launch radar controlled rugged dome

Ogier Electronics makes the Scan-360 plug and play radar unit, which is used to control Redvision’s IP-based and analogue rugged domes. The combination can operate as a standalone, automatic PTZ camera system or may be integrated with leading VMS solutions, via a built-in RS485 data port. 

Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision, explains, “Intruders, such as people and vehicles, are detected automatically at distances of up to 200 metres, in all weather conditions, day or night. The intruder’s X and Y coordinates are mapped to our X-SERIES™ rugged dome’s pan, tilt and zoom functionality, enabling automatic, real-time tracking. Alternatively, the X-SERIES™ is pointed in the direction of the intruder, so the automatic PTZ tracking functionality of the VMS can take over.

“For our RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV system, radar control gives us a standalone, operator-free, automatic, video tracking solution. It also only uses 10w of power, so it doesn’t place an undue burden on the Redcop’s batteries or generator.”

The Scan-360 system will learn its environment and can be programmed with up to 36 detection areas, allowing zones of ‘no interest’ to be ignored. It alerts the VMS to every intruder, tracking the first or largest one. It is low cost; compact at just 310 x 250mm; easy to install; simple to configure; and is calibrated against an object positioned at 150m away with a simple button click.

Ogier Electronics has over 20 years' high frequency Microwave, radar design experience.

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