Redvision enhances the user functionality of its VMS1000™, open-platform control system, powered by Digifort.

Redvision has enhanced its VMS1000™ open platform control system with a comprehensive range of new features. The VMS1000™ is a video management software and analytics solution, powered by Digifort, which is cost-effective, scalable, intuitive and server-based, with no annual maintenance fees.

Stephen Lightfoot, technical director at Redvision, explains, “We have enhanced the capability of our VMS1000™, open-platform control system with a range of new features including object linking, for configuring a logical flow between cameras on screen; field of view direction depiction, for fixed cameras and PTZs on maps; edge playback, direct from supported cameras with SD cards; local MP4 recording options within the surveillance client, not just the server; privacy masking with user rights hierarchy; and multi-level camera grouping. Additionally, over 300 camera brands and 10,000 individual camera models are integrated with the VMS1000™.

“The VMS1000™ enables analytics on presets and has dedicated buttons for the control of lights, wipers, washers and telemetry for our X-SERIES™ rugged PTZs. It also has comprehensive control of the VEGA™ fixed cameras.”

The Redvision VMS1000™ standard analytics functionality includes traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fences, missing object, abandoned object, face detection, vehicle counting and people counting. Additional, bolt-on modules are available for LPR, Facial Recognition, edge analytics, edge recording and synopsis.

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