Redvision’s compact, new, stainless steel camera is going down an X3-STORM™!

Redvision gave installers a sneak preview of its prototype, X3-STORM™, stainless steel, rugged ball PTZ camera, at the Security TWENTY 20 Exhibition and Conference in Birmingham. The X3-STORM™ has identical features and performance to the recently launched, X2-COMBAT™, but is made from Marine Grade, 316, stainless steel. This gives the camera exceptional resistance to extreme marine, hazardous and toxic environments.

Will Hucker, General Manager at Redvision, explains, “The X3-STORM™ body parts, spindles and fixings are all made from 316 stainless steel, the highest quality available. The body parts are investment cast, with joining surfaces machined for flatness and reliable sealing. By casting, instead of machining from solid like most other stainless cameras, the X3-STORM™ is more compact, repeatable, less wasteful and significantly lighter, at just 17kg. As a result, it is considerably less expensive. The cast body parts are electro-polished to give a smooth finish. This process ensures there is neither pitting nor surface defects, which can both act as corrosion weak points over time.”

The X3-STORM™ comes with a range of 316 stainless steel cable-managed mounts and brackets and a practical, 4” PCD mount for tower fitting. It comes in its stainless steel form as standard, but can be ordered in any bespoke, powder-coat paint colour from the RAL range.

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