Integrated technologies: Redvision X-Series PTZ Cameras and Navtech Radar

Redvision, a leading CCTV technology company, continues its philosophy of offering fully integrated, open-platform solutions to fulfil the vast array of security requirements. This powerful technology partnership combines the intelligent, accurate, real-time threat detection of Navtech Radar, with stunning daytime image quality and super low-light performance of Redvision’s X-Series rugged surveillance PTZ cameras.

Navtech Radar provides fully automatic detection coverage for mission-critical sites, such as: Airports, Motorways, Ports and Harbours, Military, Energy Oil & Gas, Borders and Large Industrial applications. Navtech Radar technology works in all weather and light conditions, offering low false alarm rates and a fully automated tracking solution with superb visual verification from Redvision’s rugged, field-proven camera technology. Redvision’s X2 COMBAT, X3 STORM and X4 COMMANDER cameras will respond automatically and immediately to Navtech’s detection and instruction, providing a complete and incredibly accurate detection and surveillance solution for mission-critical applications.

Stephen Lightfoot, Redvision Technical Director and Project Lead for the integration explains that “Redvision believes in technology integrations to provide a solution greater than the sum of its parts. Our industry leading X-Series rugged PTZ cameras have been designed to provide phenomenal picture quality regardless of the environment they are installed. Combined with Navtech’s accurate and intelligent detection system, which offers exceptionally low false alarms, the integration offers complete peace of mind in all conditions”.

Simonas Mikuzis, Navtech Product Manager, says: “Navtech is constantly innovating to provide the most accurate and reliable surveillance system for active and complex sites. We have partnered with Redvision and collaborated extensively to develop an integration that offers security operators fast, accurate, reliable detection with a high-quality image. Our 360-degree field of view radar sensors continuously monitor the site, and anytime there is a breach in rules, the system automatically directs the cameras for visual verification. It enables the security team to respond efficiently and swiftly to real threats.”

The integrated technologies provide a unified, high-quality, accurate solution for 360-degree detection and visual verification on mission-critical areas requiring robust security coverage; and is supported by decades of industry expertise across two widely respected technology partners.

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