NEW product launch: The Hub - Rugged 4G Camera Station

Redvision launch The Hub: CCTV where you need it, when you need it

Redvision CCTV continues its commitment to innovation by releasing the CCTV Hub™, a ruggedised 4G camera station. Paul Hucker, Managing Director at Redvision explains “we have developed and launched The Hub™ rugged camera station as an all-in-one solution, capable of providing installers complete flexibility within their wireless or remote CCTV designs. The idea is to offer more than a single 4G camera; the Hub™ is a central connection-point for multiple cameras on one system, offering freedom of choice with its extensive ONVIF interface.”

Simple Install, Flexible Offering

The Redvision Hub™ is designed for rapid installation, offering flexible CCTV surveillance in a wide variety of applications. The Hub™ offers a central connection-point, to bring all your remote monitoring needs together in one tough, rugged, stylish enclosure. Powered by 110~230VAC or 24VDC (specify model when ordering), flexibility is at the core of the Hub™ design.

Compatible with a Vast Range of Cameras

The Hub™ allows a mixture of PTZ and fixed cameras to be used (up to 4), all powered and managed from the same unit. The Hub™ supports a vast range of cameras and manufacturers, thanks to an extensive ONVIF interface; in addition to the full Redvision IP camera range.

Clean, tidy all-in-one solution

Cable management is made easy with the Hub™, reducing externally visible cabling to an absolute minimum. Cables are safely secured, out of sight and protected from potential tampering or attack.

Bandwidth Optimisation

Redvision’s IP camera range offers Smart Encode as standard, which can reduce bit rates by up to a whopping 80% from standard H264/H265. The result is a reduction in storage requirement and strain on the bandwidth without compromising the full HD image quality.

Highly Versatile, All in One Unit

Local recording is provided, up to 8TB; coupled with a flexible, external 4G cellular link, providing full remote access, control, and playback functionality to multiple monitoring locations (IMMIX compliant).

RedVu™ CMS and RedVu GO™ App

RedVu™ can be used for video management at different monitoring scales. It supports centralised management, distributed deployment and multi-user remote access; an optimised solution for managing the Hub™.

RedVu GO™ mobile application allows simple connection to the Hub™, with live preview and playback video preview of 4 channels. Alarm notifications are easily managed with multiple push notification event sliders to adjust.

Mounting Options

The Hub™ is compatible with both wall and pole mounting interfaces to allow flexibility within site locations. This enables installation onto walls, lampposts, scaffold posts, traffic lights, columns and more.

CCTV where you need it, when you need it

The Hub™ offers users a stylish, ruggedised 4G CCTV solution which is simple to install, ONVIF conformant for project flexibility and capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments.

Designed, manufactured, and supported by Redvision in the UK.

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