How The Hub Deters Criminal Activity in Public Space Applications

Re-deployable CCTV For Public Space Applications

Re-deployable CCTV is commonly installed for temporary or semi-permanent public space applications, helping to detect or deter crimes such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism or fly-tipping. Statistics provided by the National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group suggest that in 2021/22, the cost for large fly-tipping incidents alone was £10.7 million to local authorities in England. The installation and deployment of Redvisions rugged 4G/ 5G CCTV Hub, which local authorities can use to target specific hot-spot areas with the flexibility to move them to new locations, can assist in reducing these incidents.

How The Hub Deters Criminal Activity in Public Space Applications

Alongside other physical security measures, integrating a CCTV system can aid in deterring and detection of unwanted criminal activity. The rapid and re-deployable 4G/ 5G CCTV Hub from Redvision is ideally suited to provide this protection due to its 4G/ 5G connectivity, detection and monitoring capabilities, and rugged enclosure.

Rapid deployable and re-deploybale within minutes, the CCTV Hub can provide control, monitoring, and playback of up to four CCTV cameras from a remote location by connecting to the device over a 4G/ 5G network. This enables multiple forms of monitoring and response, without the need of having a manned, on-site station.

As well as being able to remotely access recorded footage from the Hub to detect any criminal activity, the Hub can help deter the intruders before any damage occurs. Detection methods, including Redvision AI analytics and Luminite PIR detectors, are seamlessly integrated to create alarms should an unwanted intruder enter an area of interest. Once detected, the intruder can be challenged with an overt white spotlight from a Redvision PTZ camera or audio over loudspeaker. Moreover, visible confirmation of an intruder enables the monitoring station to provide police response should it be required.

In order to respond to events as they happen, it is important to monitor the re-deployable CCTV system installed across public space areas. With the Hub, you have multiple options. Firstly, the Hub can provide a fixed public IP address with unlimited data packages, enabling a re-deployable camera to stream directly into the central control room video management system; seamlessly integrating into the wider security system. Moreover, Redvision CCTV cameras benefit from ONVIF G compatibility and SD Card edge recording, thus in the event of a network outage, the compatible recording platform can “self-heal” any missing footage. Alternatively, one can manage multiple Hubs by utilising the RedVu CMS, a free to download central management system which provides the option of self-monitoring and managing multiple sites. Finally, the Hub comes complete with Immix integration, enabling third-party monitoring stations to provide response to alarms during the hours required.

In keeping with Redvision heritage, the CCTV Hub is manufactured from a rugged, marine-grade enclosure, making the Hub environmentally tough and resistant to malicious attack or vandalism. Furthermore, the Hubs in-built junction box enables cables to be terminated within the unit itself, reducing externally visible cabling to an absolute minimum. Cables are safely secured, out of sight and protected from potential tampering or attack.

A Rugged, 4G/ 5G Camera Station

The Hub is a rugged, 4G/ 5G camera station capable of providing rapid deployment and remote connection to four CCTV cameras. Onboard recording provides evidence of any unwanted criminal activity, while integrated detection and monitoring systems enables the Hub to deter intruders before criminal activity occurs.

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