Genesis 1 – Wireless PIR Detector for CCTV systems

Nuisance alarms are minimised with microprocessor control adjusting detection depending on site conditions whilst thermal sensing adjusts the PIR in extremes of hot and cold to maintain optimal performance.

Battery operated, Redvision wireless PIRs are extremely cost efficient to install and can be sited where required without having to worry about the constraints of cabling and power. Long distance powerful transmission means each detector can be positioned several hundred meters from either a PTZ ‘s PSU with embedded 16 way alarm module or, if signals need to be transmitted directly to the DVR alarm inputs an 8 or 16 way alarm relay control unit.

Key Features

  • Battery Low Sensor – 2 Year Battery Life
  • Up to 1km Transmission Range
  • Anti Cloak, Shock and Tamper Sensors
  • Pan European UHF Band-Licence Exempt
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Communicates directly with RVX PTZ/Dome or Alarm Relay Control Unit.

Detection Range Options:

  • RV-WP1520: 15m out by 20m wide
  • RV-WP3020: 30m out by 20m wide
  • RV-WP4004: 40m out by 4m wide

Related Products

  • RV X‑SERIES™ PTZ/Domes
  • RV-MRU4x4 Masthead
  • RVX-LGRU16 Alarm Relay Control Unit.

Redvision Wireless PIR detectors communicate directly with:

  • Either one or more RVX-Series PTZ camera heads via a 16 way alarm module in the PTZ dome’s PSU (RVX-PSU-ALM16-W)
  • Or an 8 way alarm relay control unit (RV-MRU4x4) located close to a DVR
  • Or a rack mount 16 way alarm relay control unit (RV-LGMRU16). A second RVLGMRU16 can be cascaded to allow for 32 PIRs on one network.

Genesis 1 Models

Rv Wp1520 Detection Pattern
Product Code Product Description
RV-WP1520 Zone Pattern Medium Wide Range
Rv Wp3020 Detection Pattern
Product Code Product Description
RV-WP3020 Zone Pattern Long Wide Range
Rv Wp4004 Detection Pattern
Product Code Product Description
RV-WP4004 Zone Pattern Long Narrow Range
Wireless Licence Exempt Long Range Pan European UHF FM Band
Environment -10°C +60°C
Material Polycarbonate
Dimensions H183 x W130 x D244
Weight 0.8kg
Dip switch Dip switch settings for PIR and site code
Battery 2 alkaline C cell batteries included
Fixings Wall mount fixings included
Mounts Post/Pole mounting provision in bracket
Weather rating IP66