REDCOP™ rugged mobile CCTV tower

Redcop rugged mobile CCTV tower

Redcop™ is a rugged, trailer-mounted CCTV security system designed and built in the UK for rapid deployment to remote and vulnerable sites. It is delivered to site and can be quickly set-up by trained engineers.

When used with a 24/7 monitoring service, the CCTV security system provides around the clock site surveillance, from the moment it is installed. The operators can react immediately to site incidents as they occur, warning intruders to leave the site or instigate a mobile site response or police call out.

RedCop™ is designed for temporary, semi-permanent, changing and remote security applications and is used extensively in construction, utility, industrial, public space and temporary applications.

RedCop™ is delivered to and removed from site and is rented on a weekly basis.

Rugged for tough applications

The Redvision brand is synonymous with rugged CCTV solutions for tough locations and the RedCop™ mobile CCTV system builds on this pedigree to further Redvision’s unique heritage in CCTV manufacturing.

Redvision PTZ cameras are IP68 weather-proof rated. They exceed the demands of the commonly quoted IK10 shock and impact-resistance rating, as well as IEC vibration, and salt spray compliance requirements. More importantly, they also surpass our in-house, shock and impact testing criteria, designed to replicate conditions in the most demanding surveillance applications. Our cameras have a durable, die-cast aluminium body, which is not only tough, but also offers cooling benefits in hot climates.

Mobile for easy site manoeuvrability and road transportation

RedCop™ can be lifted onto a flatbed vehicle for road transportation using either a fork-lift truck or a crane with slings connected to the chassis frame lifting eyes. It can also be winched onto a flat-bed trailer with ramp, using the site wheels provided.

A custom designed and built road trailer is also now available for direct road transport to site. This smart yet robust trailer has a compact form factor allowing the RedCop™ to be deployed at site on the road trailer with the wheels removed, for fast commissioning and de-commissioning.

Full HD IP CCTV system for high quality viewing and recording

The Redvision CCTV product range has extended over recent years and now includes fixed cameras and Network Video Recorders with RedVu™ Central Management System (CMS) and viewing App to complement the industry leading X-Series and Vega cameras. All of these Redvision products combine in the RedCop™ mobile tower to create a high quality IP CCTV system with full HD recording capability that can be viewed remotely by the client, or monitored remotely by a commercial monitoring station.

The X-SERIES™ camera used on the RedCop™ mobile CCTV tower is IP Full HD with 30x or 37x optical zoom and include a wiper, to remove water or dirt from the optically correct camera window, and white-light or IR LED illuminators for night-time operation.

All Redvision cameras are popular with architects, specifiers, and end users. They are successfully used in many outdoor and public space applications, from town centres, utilities, and universities through to ports, prisons, industrial buildings, MoD sites and premier league football clubs. Our IP cameras are also ONVIF compliant and provide seamless, network integration.


Telescopic 6m tower for extended range and field-of-view

With night-time visibility at over 100m even when using low power mode lighting to extend battery life (300m range with full power model), the 6m telescopic tower provides elevation for extended range and field of view.

RedCop™ masts are pneumatic in operation and consist of 3 telescopic sections with locking collars. Masts are made from aircraft grade seamless drawn aluminium tube with a 4.5" base tube diameter and are designed to provide a solid and stable camera viewing platform even in high wind conditions.

Loaded with technology features

RedCop™ is loaded with technology features to allow it to perform longer without re-charge and create evidential quality video even in the worst weather and environmental conditions.

Lithium batteries for extended off-grid run time and performance

Lead acid batteries have been used extensively in mobile CCTV applications for many years but are heavy, take a long time to re-charge to full capacity and struggle to last for 2 years, even when maintained correctly.

Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries are by contrast lighter and safer, last longer and hold charge for much longer periods of time. Although more expensive, performance far outweighs cost and they are a must when extended off-grid run time is required.

Multiple ways to re-charge the batteries for reliable operation

Even the latest Lithium batteries have to be re-charged and the RedCop™ mobile tower is designed to accept 110V and 230VAC mains directly or from a generator as well as a myriad of renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Solar PV charging is particularly popular, and our solar power generation option comprising 300W panel and charge control electronics offers autonomous operation over the summer months when combined with LiFePO4 batteries.

X2-COMBAT™ cameras for tough, outdoor, surveillance applications

The X2-COMBAT™ uses advanced production techniques and state-of-the-art technology to offer a world-class, rugged CCTV camera with a best-in-class, feature set. The die-cast aluminium body is anodised before being powder coated, making the camera environmentally tough and resistant to malicious attack or vandalism.

RedVu™ CMS for secure, remote video management

RedVu™ can be used for video management at different monitoring scales. It supports centralised management, distributed deployment and multi-user remote access; an optimised solution for managing Knight-Stor™ Network Video Recorders and Redvision cameras.

Key Features

  • UK design and manufacture
  • UK service and support
  • Rugged for tough applications
  • Mobile for easy transportation
  • Full HD video for high quality CCTV
  • 6m tower for extended range and view
  • Utilises the latest battery technology to maximise operating period
  • Multiple options for battery re-charging
  • Uses the industry-leading X2 COMBAT camera with Smart Dual Lighting and 1/2.8" CMOS 3MP low-light sensor with 30x optical zoom
  • Central Management System integration via RedVu™ CMS with App
  • Custom colour side panel options


  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Industrial including Manufacturing and Mining
  • Leisure, Retail and Hospitality
  • Marine including Off-shore, Ports and Maritime
  • MOD, High-Security and Prison
  • Public space, Local authority, Town / City centre and Government
  • Temporary: Construction Site, Event and Rapid Deployment
  • Transport: Highways, Airports, Ports, Terminals and Railways
  • Utilities

Branding and Custom Side Panels

RedCop™ CCTV towers have a cube-shaped main cabinet with removeable metal side panels. As standard, these side panel are painted in gloss flame red (RAL 3000) but can also be ordered in any matt or gloss RAL colour. Customers simply specify the colour they require and all the RedCop™ cabinet side panels are painted to order. The powder-coat paint gives a robust, light-stable finish.

Our colour service means RedCop™ side panels can be visually sympathetic to their environment, whether used on listed buildings and heritage sites or the latest architectural structures and designs.

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