RedVu CMS™

RedVu™ CMS

RedVu™ can be used for video management at different monitoring scales. It supports centralised management, distributed deployment and multi-user remote access; an optimised solution for managing Knight-Stor™ Network Video Recorders, Redvision cameras and the Redvision Hub.

Packed with features including user management, device management, server management, alarm management, map management, device configuration, real-time video, video playback, personnel archive management, data statistics, face recognition and other functions, RedVu CMS partnered with Redvision cameras and network video recorders can meet a variety of video surveillance solutions.

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Key Features

  • Server/Client Based, support centralised and distributed management
  • One-click installation: Without any configuration, quick and easy to install
  • Simple maintenance: Conveniently view server, equipment, user information and system data. All exported and imported with one click
Maximum Number of Cameras 10,000+
Number of Users Up to 5000
User Roles Unlimited
Screen Layout 1/ 4 /6 /8 /9 /16 /25 /32 /36 /64 layout 1/ 4 /6 /8 /9 /16 /32 /64 custom layout
Viewing Monitors Up to 4
PTZ Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Edit and control, Zoom+, Zoom-, IRIS +,IRIS-, Near focus, Far focus, Focus, Preset
Image Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast
Features Close View, Start Audio, Start Intercom, Start Record, Snapshot, Continuous Snapshot, Window Ratio, Restore, Start 3D, Full Screen, Hardware Acceleration, Open Mouse Thermometry, Show Area Temperature
Playback NVR recording playback Playback maximum 16 channels under several modes & full screen.
Function and Feature Recording schedule, Rewind, Pause/Play, Stop, Next frame, -8x~8x speed for forward and backward, Layout display, Full screen, Download, Select progress bar format
Real-Time Alarm Alarm display, Alarm processing, Alarm operation, Interface display, Toolbar alarm shortcut settings
Alarm Search Time, Type, Processing status, Device name, Operation, Alarm information, Interface display setting
Map Alarm Alarm flash
Features Hot spot, map zoom in/out
User Management Add, Delete User and Role Edit and Delete User, Query user
User Level Administrator, Operator
User Security Username and password
Base Settings Login, alarm messages, languages, initial page setup, video proportion, decoding method, default streams