Warranty Policy

Redvision CCTV limited (Redvision) warrants the buyer that the product will, on the date of shipment, be free from defects in material & workmanship and will conform to Redvision’s specifications, provided to the buyer. If any defect in material or workmanship appears in the product, Redvision will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defective product without charge at Redvision’s customer service centre or authorised repair facility or credit or refund the purchase price of the defective product, provided:

  • The defect appears within 36 months from the date of purchase.
  • Examination of the product confirms that the claimed defect actually exists.

Buyer shall follow Redvision’s instructions regarding return of the defective product and no product will be accepted for repair, replacement, credit or refund without:

  • Buyer or an authorised representative of the buyer first contacting Redvision Technical Support for assistance and actual confirmation of suspected defect or fault.
  • Written authorisation of Redvision or in accordance with Redvision’s written instructions, including an official Return Merchandise Authorisation number (RMA), issued by Redvision CCTV Ltd.

In the case of any such return the buyer shall bear the risk of loss or damage and shall prepay all transportation charges to Redvision. The replaced product shall become Redvision’s property. In no event shall Redvision be responsible for de-installation or reinstallation of the product or for the expenses thereof. If it is determined that returned product is not defective, the buyer shall pay Redvision all costs of handling, inspection, repairs and transportation at Redvision’s then prevailing rates.

With respect to product not manufactured by Redvision, to the extent permitted, extends the warranties and affords the remedies to the buyer given to Redvision by its vendor of said products.

The foregoing warranties do not extend:

  • to expendable items, including SD Cards
  • to experimental or development products
  • to product which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or abuse;
  • to the unauthorised repair or alteration by anyone other than Redvision;
  • to improper installation, storage or maintenance by anyone other than Redvision; to product used in material violation of Redvision’s instruction or to product which has had its serial number or month and year of manufacture or shipment removed, defaced or altered or to software.

The term “software” means a set of logical instructions and table of information which guide the functioning of a processor. Such set may be contained in any medium whatsoever including, without limitation, hardware containing a pattern of bits representing such set, provided, however, the term “software” does not mean or include the medium.

Redvision shall charge for the repair of all product returned out of warranty. Call Redvision customer service +44 (0)1420 448 448 for an RMA number or visit for more information.

Returns Policy

To obtain repairs service, contact your local Redvision authorised distributor, call Redvision Customer Support on +44 (0)1420 448 448 or email for shipping details and an RMA tracking number. Redvision will email 'Returns Form'.

The following information will be required before Redvision is able to issue an RMA number:

  • Model Type
  • Serial Number
  • Reason for return

Note: ensure returned goods are well protected during transit ideally in original packaging. Redvision will not warrant goods damaged in transit. The RMA tracking number should be clearly written on the outside of the parcel.

Redvision Standard Service And Repair Charges