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Cortech BLK

Cortech Developments

Providing solutions since 1992, Cortech Developments is a leading industry specialist in risk mitigation, providing integrated software solutions for building, fire, security systems.

Certifications include ISO9001, ISO27001, UK Cyber Essentials & Carbon Neutral.

With a proven record in delivering solutions for high security environments, assisting organisations in meeting regulatory requirements while achieving greater efficiency and situation awareness.

Datalog is a scalable GUI that monitors and controls an extensive portfolio of both local & remote third-party technology integrations.

Deployed in many of the most mission critical environments, including sectors such as Defence, Prisons & Custodial, Utilities, Education, in over 30 countries.

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Digifort UK

Digifort is the world's leading, server-based, open-platform video management (VMS) and analytics software, with an emphasis on ease of configuration and operator use.

It is future-proof, with simple expansion options for cameras, devices and systems, with modular options for next-generation neural analytics, edge analytics, LPR, Facial Recognition and Point-of-Sale; enhancing site operation.

The Digifort VMS is proven, unified, trusted, and secure. It is used in many applications, including power stations, ports, smart motorways, industrial sites, public space, universities, multi-site retail and shopping malls.

Digifort operates a one-time-buy, camera licensing model with no annual maintenance fees and free software upgrades.

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Luminite Electronics

020 8368 7887

Luminite Electronics have been designing and manufacturing wireless security solutions for over 40 years and have extensive expertise in the perimeter protection market.

Our flagship Genesis wireless security range provides rapid, flexible and robust solutions to minimise installation costs and maximise profits. Luminite detection systems are considered to be amongst the most reliable and robust perimeter protection solutions available and, given their wireless nature, are quick and easy to install.

We have recently expanded into other markets using our unrivalled long transmission protocols and are proud of our UK manufacturing credentials. This allows us to closely monitor all aspects of quality control and respond quickly to any special request.

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Navtech AdvanceGuard always knows what’s on your site – and where

AdvanceGuard is an innovative, wide-area surveillance solution providing automatic continuous surveillance to both sides of the perimeter. AdvanceGuard uses high-definition radar and intelligent, rules-based software to protect complex, active sites where legitimate and illegitimate activity may occur together. It works in all weather and light conditions and requires minimal infrastructure.

AdvanceGuard’s long-range 360º-field-of-view radar detects and tracks unlimited targets. It provides full situational awareness, 24/7/365. It ignores ‘business as usual’ behaviours and pinpoints the location of targets, intelligently raising alarms when real threats occur.

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Ogier Electronics

Ogier Electronics is a UK manufacturer of professional microwave systems including affordable radar sensors for security.

The Scan-360TM range of radars provide full area or perimeter coverage at a fraction of the price of their military counterparts.

All radars use PoE connectivity and feature an intuitive interface making them quick and easy to commission.

On alarming, the radar will provide the locations of the intruder(s) and operate up to four PTZ cameras, slewing them to target.

Scan-360TM radars work 24 hours a day in all weathers seeing through rain, fog, mist and snow, in blindingly bright light or total darkness.

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SilverNet is a UK based company that has been designing and manufacturing high performance wireless networking equipment for over 18 years. Since 2005, they have been providing customers with complete wireless solutions including high performance wireless bridges, mobile routers, industrial switches and Wi-Fi networking equipment. SilverNet specialists also provide expert advice and support throughout each customer’s journey, helping to find the ideal equipment for even the most challenging of installations.