X-Series PTZ (code: RVX18-IRWL) Dual IR + WHITE light: facial recognition at 35m

Camera featured: X-Series PTZ with inbuilt dual IR + white light, 18x zoom (part code: RVX18-IRWL).

The feature clip was filmed on a clear November evening. The target is approx 35 meters away and when illuminated shows facial recognition.

The opening scene shows what the camera sees without the aid of illumination i.e. there is no visible target.

The camera's infrared (invisible spectrum) is then activated to reveal the scene in monochrome. Within a few seconds the IR is manually switched to white visible light (this action deactivates the infrared) causing the camera to auto switch from monochrome to colour mode.

Finally the white light is switched off to illustrate again what the camera sees without the aid of illuminators.

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